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ECFE Winter 2020-21
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About ECFE Winter 2020-21

Registration is now open!

Roseville Area Schools has started school in the distance learning model. Winter classes will be held in Zoom or Seesaw with a limited amount of classes held in-person in the Spring session. Fees have been adjusted for Zoom learning.


Give your family a great start!

ECFE provides support and educational opportunities for all children birth-kindergarten entry. We offer classes, parenting, home visits and more, all of which will be done virtually in a distance learning model.

Why join an ECFE Zoom or Seesaw class?!

  • Stay connected with an Early Childhood Teacher, Parent Educator and other families
  • Access to Second Step social-emotional online curriculum with activities and media to supplement ECFE class learning
  • Learning activity bags with theme materials and parent education resources to use during Zoom ECFE class
  • Individual family Zoom check-in and/or read-aloud activities with teachers available for class participants

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