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Bob Ross Style Painting - Red Posies

Adult Enrichment / Art -
Winter/Spring 2024

Instructor Jay Rupp prefers to paint with people who have no experience painting, don't want to paint, and who can't draw a stick figure. If you are one of the “anti-artist” types, you will have the most fun and be the most amazed! If your painting turns out really nice, (as I am sure it will) you may want to paint more paintings similar to your original masterpiece. If you are an experienced artist, welcome. There is always much to learn. The “Joy of Painting” may be the highlight of your year!

The painting will be in oil which is quite easy to work with. I will supply all the materials that you will need including paints, 16X20 inch canvas and painting supplies. Your painting will be ready for you to frame and put on your wall at home when you finish. (The Oil painting will take 4 weeks to dry but can still be put into the frame of your choice and hung immediately on your favorite wall). Frames will be available at the class. 

Jay Rupp

Jay is a certified Bob Ross Painting instructor and teaches landscapes, floral and wildlife.

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  Jay Rupp

Chippewa Middle School
Wednesday, Feb 28
5:30 - 9:00 PM


Min Age   16 yr.

Price: $ 65 00

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