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Online Coding Club - Multilevel

Youth Enrichment / Science & Technology -
Winter/Spring 2021

Computer programming is an excellent way to teach logical problem solving in a fun, engaging way that kids love! Whether you are new to coding or an experienced programmer, this club offers an individually tailored, unique and challenging opportunity for students to expand their knowledge base of an incredibly useful and rewarding 21st century skill set. Thousands of high paying computer science jobs are left unfilled in Minnesota today and demand increases every year, so give your child a competitive advantage in future employability! Program your favorite characters including Minecraft’s Steve & Alex, Angry Birds, Plants vs. Zombies, Elsa from Frozen, and many more to complete a maze, design artwork, tell a story, or just plain have a dance party! Students will be grouped by experience level according to their most appropriate Tier below. If your school day ends after 3:30 you are still able to participate - sign on when your day is done!

Tier I - Intro to Coding Club

Grades K-2: For students with little to no experience with coding. Learn the basics of computer science and internet safety. At the end of the course, create your very own game or story that you can share!

Tier II - Intermediate Coding Club

Grades 1-5: For students with some experience with coding who are looking to expand their understanding of computer science concepts. Create programs with sequencing, loops, and events, then progress to use nested loops and conditionals. Final project choice of Minecraft designer or Dance Party event.

Tier III - Advanced Coding Club

Grades 3-8: For experienced coders looking to take the next step in coding. Learn to use different kinds of loops, events, and conditionals, then move on to functions and variables. In the second part of the course, create a capstone project of your choice that you can share with friends and family! 

Please note participants will need to log on after their school day has ended. Missing school because of this class may result in removal from the class with no refund.


  Chess & Strategy Game Association , Henry G Harris

Online Class
Tuesdays, Mar 30 - Jun 1
3:30 - 4:30 PM

  No Class Apr 6


Grades   K - 8th

Price: $ 65 00