Lindy Hop

Dance like the coolest cats with the original form of Swing! Begin by learning and drilling the basic rhythm figures, footwork, and styling with swing-outs and circles. Then, add the fundamental turns and learn how to go back and forth between six- and eight-count figures. We will focus on techniques for a solid lead and following. Prior partnered dance experience is highly recommended. Wear clean, dry shoes with smooth leather soles.

Cindy Gardner TC Swing

Cindy Gardner has been teaching swing dance forever. In addition to group classes, private lessons and school programs, she and her husband produce regular DJ and live band dances, and are frequently invited to teach and DJ at prominent events and festivals. Check them out at!

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  Cindy Gardner TC Swing

Falcon Heights - 1393 Garden Ave West, Falcon Heights, MN 55113 : 107 - South Gold Gym
Mondays, Apr 8 - May 20
8:00 - 9:30 PM


Price: $ 55 00

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